Rug Smackdown!

A less-expensive yet still environmentally friendly option is a rug made from any of several plant fibers. It grows underwater, is inexpensive compared to other plant fibers and is easy to care for. Wool rugs can be vacuumed, but care should be taken when cleaning with certain chemicals. As you’ll see in the next section, vinegar also can do a bang-up job as an aid for cleaning other parts of your house. A self-install can offset the higher cost of a flooring material. Two of the most common flooring materials — carpet and vinyl — pose risks to ­the health of the environment and your home. Not all carpet is bad for the environment. Refresh a carpet or a large area rug that’s absorbed unpleasant pet odors, smoke or other smells by thoroughly mixing together 2 cups cornmeal with 1 cup borax and sprinkling the mix onto the carpet. If it’s just a little spill, water and a cloth might take it out, but for tougher stains, such as red wine or pet urine, handmade rug price in pakistan you’ll need a tougher solution. When shopping for stain-resistant carpet, keep this in mind: While it’s true that some types of carpeting naturally resist stains, carpet that is labeled or identified as “stain-resistant,” is coated with a chemical finish that repels dirt or liquids, thereby preventing them from settling in. Keep these questions in mind as you consider different flooring methods. Aesthetics: How will the flooring look in the home? Some floors will withstand increased traffic. Budget: How much will materials. Performance: How much wear. For example, you wouldn’t want to pair a comfy overstuffed couch with a spindly-legged coffee table. For example, carpet might not be a good choice for kitchens, bathrooms or basements, which face more moisture than other rooms, but it could be a good option for your living room if you want an extremely comfortable floor for your family gatherings. Do You Need a Moisture Barrier? Wool carpet provides an extremely durable, fire-resistant, stain-resistant and hypoallergenic option in comparison to synthetic carpets. Carpet also harbors allergens. On the next page, we’ll find out if all carpet is harmful, and how to get the look of vinyl naturally. Is your vinyl siding killing you? Neither vinyl nor carpet is biodegradable.

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